The business solution designed for micro and small businesses in Africa.

Manage your business from the palm of your hand: 100% smart, secure and in real-time.

Who we Are

About Us

nobuk believes in the power of micro and small businesses in Africa and that smart technology can enable these businesses grow

Using state-of the-art-machine learning, nobuk converts millions of business records into a view that allows you to feel the pulse of your business and take informed actions.

nobuk gets smarter with each sale, payment or new client you facilitate and continues to update its algorithms to ensure that your business benefits from every datapoint.

Whether you are a starting up as an online seller on social media or doing offline business through multiple physical stores, nobuk can help you manage your business from a single nobuk account and give you the real time information you need to grow!


How we can help your business

Manage your business in real-time and on the go.

We know how close your business is to your heart, and now you can carry it in your pocket, 100% smart, secure and in real-time.

Real-time Tracking

Automatically track your money in and money out through Mpesa and Bank. Input cash spends to have an overview of all money movements. Track your products and services in real time


Increase sales with customer management & loyalty, bulk messaging and professional documents shared through whatsapp & SMS

Debt Collection

Manage outstanding debts & collect debts faster via SMS and WhatsApp

Access to credit

Grow your historical financial data that makes businesses 100% more creditworthy


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