Collect 3x more money, 3x faster without the hassle.

Streamlined Group and Individual Contributions.

Our user-friendly platform allows your group members to send in their contributions via WhatsApp or USSD. Use our admin dashboard to help you make sure everyone contributes on time.

  • Maximize contribution rates
  • Automated reminders
  • Online Convenience

Manage your contributions like a boss.

Streamline your collections by enabling contributions via online, USSD and WhatsApp directly to your account

  • Collect from individuals or your group members anytime, anywhere.
  • Send automated reminders to ensure that everyone pays on time.
  • Keep tabs on who has paid and who hasn't, all in one centralized dashboard.

How Nobuk Collect Works

Simple, transparent & joyful.

Create Your Collection

Set up your payment collection campaign effortlessly. Define the purpose, amount, and due date.

Invite Participants

Easily invite group members or clients to join the payment campaign through personalized links.

Automated Reminders

Nobuk Collect takes care of reminders for you. Gentle nudges ensure everyone is aware of their payment obligations.

Effortless Payments

Participants can make payments using their preferred payment method, right from their devices.

Real-time Tracking

Monitor payment progress in real-time with our intuitive dashboard. See who's paid and who needs a friendly reminder.


Access Nobuk Collect’s features.


KES 500/month
14 days free trial

  • View report for up to 50 contributors
  • Direct payment link
  • Unlimited general reports
Large Group

KES 1500/month

  • View report for up to 200 contributors
  • Direct payment link
  • Offline payments with USSD
  • Unlimited general reports
  • Customizable paylink image
  • Take pledges


  • View report for up to 300 contributors
  • Direct payment link
  • Custom USSD code for offline payments
  • Pay via whatsapp
  • Unlimited general reports
  • Customizable paylink image
  • Take pledges

Contact us for pricing

  • All premium features
  • Request custom feaures